Behavior/Emotional Social Skills Tracking

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Interpersonal Skills


BESST Web uses an RtI approach to improve the Behavior and Social/Emotional Learning of our students.

Leading experts agree that Response to Intervention (RtI) is the systematic use of comprehensive assessments and interventions using a problem-solving framework to identify and address student difficulties. In short, using the RtI model to meet the learning needs of children is what good educators have been doing for years. We at BESST Web believe that it is appropriate to use this same model for the early identification of students requiring behavioral support.

In 2004 the Illinois State Board of Education required that every school district submit a policy to address and assess children's progress in acquiring social and emotional skills. BESST Web provides an assessment system derived from the ISBE's Social-Emotional Learning Standards. BESST Web assesses students at a Universal/Tier 1 Level and Tier 2 Level to identify any potential social-emotional needs. This system was developed to provide teachers and administrators with an efficient, effective means of assessing students' social-emotional needs while fulfilling the assessment portion of ISBE's SEL learning standards.

BESST Web has created an assessment tool: The Benchmark Assessment Tool (BAT). The BAT is a common assessment that takes about a minute to complete. Student's scores are entered online and the results indicate those at risk who may require Tier 2 interventions. Online users also have access to a progress monitoring system to determine a child's response to intervention. The assessment materials provide a means of tracking and scoring data to help make informed programming decisions.